CASE Guidebook – How to prevent SLAPPs or get help if it’s too late

CASE Guidebook cover

Welcome to the CASE anti-SLAPP Guidebook. This resource is meant to support smaller ‘public watchdogs’ (such as NGOs, media outlets or individual authors) that don’t have access to a legal department.

If you are investigating and publishing on the rich and powerful, SLAPPs are a danger you can’t completely avoid. This Guidebook explains how you can make yourself less vulnerable to being sued, or else at least position your defence better. It also explains how to get help if you are facing a threat or an actual suit. The Guidebook covers the areas that are likely to be most relevant for readers: defamation, protest, copyright and trademark, whistleblowing, commercial and official secrets, and data protection law.

Each country in Europe has its own legal system (if not several).  The general part of the Guidebook is based on common standards (deriving from the European Convention on Human Rights and EU law), and on what is “typical” in the legislation of European countries. There are also country-specific notes which help alert you to specific features of individual countries’ laws, where we have that information available.

The best precaution is always to ask a qualified local lawyer in your jurisdiction for advice. This Guidebook is meant as the next best option. It is not legal advice and CASE makes every possible disclaimer of its legal liability in case you rely on the Guidebook. We hope you find it useful anyway.


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